Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until You’re Sick To Care About Your Health

Why You Shouldn't Wait Until You're Sick To Care About Your Health in ANgola IN

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Our clinic in Angola IN believes in whole body wellness, not symptom masking. Most of us wait until the day we have to call-in sick at work before we actually care about what is going wrong with our body. What we hope to accomplish here is to help spread the word of prevention. Preventative. Prevent. Proactive. However you want to say it, Tri-State wants to help explain how anticipating a possible problem before it occurs is much easier to deal with than trying to backtrack after your mind and body are bogged down with illness.

Have you ever heard someone say, "losing the weight was the easy part, but keeping it off is hard"? What if instead of working to keep the weight you lose from returning, we could continue our healthy and active lifestyle? Sure; hindsight is 20/20. Let's try to make a case so preventative measures for your body's well-being need not care about hindsight.

Sickness Prevention in Angola IN

When it comes to prevention, Tri-State Healing Center is known by some of our patients for nutritional counseling and dietary plans. These services can be the factor that changes your goal of losing 200 lbs into only needing to trim off a couple. The old adage "a ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure" is something we stand by when it comes to treating your body like it deserves.

So, you're saying I should be going to those annual check-ups my doctor always pushes on me? I thought early detection is the best prevention?

Well, according to an article posted on ascopost.com titled "No Mortality Benefit of Breast Cancer Mammography Screening in 25-Year Follow-up of Canadian National Breast Screening Study" it shows annual mammograms in women 40-59 does not reduce mortality rates from breast cancer. Another article, posted in the Current Oncology journal titled "Impact of Screening Mammography on Mortality from Breast Cancer Before Age 60 in Women 40 to 49 years of age" concluded that caution should be exercised when recommending mammographic screening to women before age 50. Beside the obvious harmful radiation exposure to breast tissue, most people don't think about the pancake smasher potentially popping small cancer lumps spilling their contents into surrounding tissues!

On top of all that, what about wrong diagnosis? Research published in medical journals provide a small glimpse of the huge problem of misdiagnosed breast cancer. According to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, they reported error rates as high as 71 percent in certain situations. Mistakes are especially common when the patient's doctor doesn't specialize in breast cancer. Furthermore, experts such as the New England Journal of Medicine believe as many as 31 percent of all breast cancer cases are misdiagnosed. The New York Times reported as many as 90,000 women are misdiagnosed with invasive breast cancer!

Reports from the CDC

While we think prevention is one of the best ways to achieve whole body wellness, that does not mean we throw our hats to the side of the annual check-up. Reports from the CDC show that annual check-ups account for about 8% of doctor visits in the United States. That 8% of doctor visits account for about $8 billion dollars each year in the healthcare industry.

Now, we would like to take a minute and pull the magnifying glass off the annual check-up to explain that the annual check-up is not across-the-board snake oil. In fact, many doctors are great at using the annual as a time for preventative measures, but the details are where it can get sticky. For instance, mammograms are one thing we are not going to recommend. At Tri State Nutritional Healing Center we recommend and provide Thermography instead of mammograms. Thermography is thermal breast imaging that detects hot spots in breast tissue caused by inflammation and new blood vessel growth. Hot spots are abnormal heat patterns that first occur as a foundation for potential tumor growth. Thermography hot spots can detect tumors up to 5 years before they develop! It's also 100% safe, pain free, radiation free, and FDA approved. To learn more about Thermography call us, come in to the office, or visit mitscan.com

Another traditional preventative procedures we like to urge caution towards is the prostate exam. Prostate exams can have dire consequences-including death. Prostate exams in total have a 0.5% chance of serious complications according to the "Annals of Internal Medicine". From the serious risk of punctures during the exam to the more-than-awkward procedure itself, prostate exams should be researched and weighed against the risks before jumping into.

If we can get one point across in this article today, it is that proaction is always better than reaction when it comes to your body. We invite you to come in to Tri-State Healing Center in Angola, IN and let us show you why preventative measures are the best measures when it comes to making the YOU that we love a better YOU!


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