5 Healthy Things To Do In Angola, Indiana

5 Healthy Things To Do In Angola IN

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When Newton came up with his Laws of Motion, I doubt he used his mastery of physics to create great cliché analogies for eating healthy and exercising. While his second law doesn't get as much attention, you've no doubt heard "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" used for a scenario that had nothing to do with Newton's meaning of it. Today, we are going to use his third law: a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest.

We here at Tri-State Healing Center, our clinic in Angola IN, know what it's like to have the desire for a healthier lifestyle, but have trouble sticking to an extreme gym regimen or counting every single calorie for days on end. A healthy lifestyle is a collection of good decisions, not a single hard day's run or a half salad once a week. That's why we would like to summon Newton's third law to help inspire you to find something healthy to do near Angola, Indiana. We found five local, fun (okay, four fun) activities that will help you promote a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Let's get started-or in motion-and use this list's momentum to get your body going.

1. COMMONS PARK in Angola IN

Commons Park in Angola is over 100 acres of potential for your body to get some of the exercise it needs. For those looking for a relaxing boost to their health, Commons Park features a half-mile paved walking trail. If you have a couple people to bring along with you, Angola's Commons Park also hosts a volleyball court, soccer field, and a basketball court. Help your body use that Vitamin D and hit Commons Park on a sunny day. You will enjoy it and your body will thank you.


Golf Courses near Angola IN include Zollner Golf Course, Glendarin Hills Golf Club, and Lake James Golf Course. Tri-State Healing Center is not trying to sell you a specific golf course. What we would like to accomplish, however, is to stand behind Golf as a sport that does have a lot of health benefits. Golfing without a cart turns the sport into a long, scenic walk as well as timeless fun. Before exchanging golf shoes for running shoes, note that a golf cart is not the bane of Golf's position as a healthy sport. Even with the lovely features of a somewhat-comfortable seat and a cup holder, we hold golf carts in high regard for allowing those who otherwise could not walk the course a chance to swing that club and work those muscles.

3. Trine State Recreational/Pokagon Park

Originally called Lake James State Park, Pokagon Park is a State Recreation Area with an abundance of things to do for those of us looking to be more active. During the summer, pack a healthy lunch and a blanket and enjoy a walk to your own private dining area for a relaxing lunch with a close friend. Hiking, walking, camping, and fishing are all options during the warm season in Angola. Winter won't crush Trine State's ability to operate as your go-to place for activities that get the body moving. Skiing, toboggan runs, and beautiful snowy landscapes are all excuses for you to bundle up and leave that much-appreciated warm house for that much-needed winter exercise.


Geocaching isn't limited to the Angola IN area, but it sure is nice in our beautiful neck-of-the-woods. If you don't know what Geocaching is, it is basically a hide-n-seek game for all ages, at all times, with almost no resources needed. Geocaching uses the GPS and free apps available on all smart phones to take local adventures to awesome places they may not otherwise visit. The premise is that you bring a small writing utensil and head out in search of the small treasure that is marked by GPS coordinates on your phone. Your phone can only bring you so close, however, so be prepared to have to bend and reach to find these well-hidden containers. Geocaching is a non-inclusive club that you should of joined back in the mid-2000s when the activity first got mainstream attention. This is not the time or place to explain Geocaching in-depth, but use Google and your smartphone to play this free, healthy treasure-hunt.


A body in motion tends to stay in motion, but a body at rest will have a DIFFICULT time joining the annual Fox Lake Triathlon. This list is intended as a non-intense guide of things to get you up and going in the Angola area, but we would be negligent in not mentioning this amazing race. While a 1K swim, 20K bike, and a 5K run can't really be considered a fun and light activity for most, it can be recognized as an amazing accomplishment to anyone who participates in the race. We would like to point out that you don't have to compete to be involved as volunteers are very much encouraged.


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