Is Your Doctor A Businessman?

Is Your Doctor A Businessman in Angola IN?

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Your doctor is a businessman. He is. Does that make him immoral and evil? Not necessarily. Being a businessman as a doctor in Angola IN is a necessity. So, what's the point?

Imagine a scale. The scale is beautifully imprinted with the Caduceus-the Greek symbol with two snakes swirling up a rod-so you know this scale is used to judge healthcare. On either side of the scale are the two giants of a healthcare practice: healing the patient and bringing in money. The measure of an immoral doctor is one who has a scale bottoming out from the loads of money, because they have put healing their patients as a secondary goal of their practice.

In Angola IN, Does Money Belong In Healing?

We here at Tri-State Healing Center like to believe that what we do is for you. We come in every week and put all our effort into helping you become a healthier variant of the person who walked through our doors the first day. We like to think that our Caduceus-imprinted scale is leaning heavily to the healing side.

Unfortunately, the climate of the healthcare industry has seen a large, black cloud rolling over it in the last few decades-which we will go over later in a much more in-depth discussion. What once was the secondary focus (money) has now become the driving force for a large portion of the healthcare industries. Big Pharma are caring more about the bottom line than the health of the sick patients in need of their medication. See: Martin Shkreli.

When Doctors Do More Harm Than Good

One issue we want to talk about is a little hard to talk about and can sometimes be extremely controversial. We will no longer discuss the motivation or morals of your doctor, but we will look at the healthcare industry at a whole. Based on information from the Nutrition Institute of America, the medical industry is the leading cause of death in the United States. It seems unbelievable, but we will get into some numbers next.

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) are serious reactions to certain chemicals and drugs, and the numbers are frightening. Over 2 million people each year are having ADRs INSIDE of a hospital setting. According to the NIA, deaths caused by medical treatment was over 780,000, while the 2001 heart disease annual death rate was 699,697 and the annual cancer death rate was 553,251. That makes iatrogenic deaths-deaths caused by medical treatment-the number one cause of death in that recorded year. That is a scary thought.

Moving down the list of serious issues, let's look at a few other reasons why we are cautious of the current climate of the medical industry. According to the CDC, the Center of Disease Control, 1 in every 3 prescribed antibiotics were prescribed unnecessarily. The fear behind this ridiculous amount of prescribed antibiotics is that we are helping the bugs we don't want in our bodies build up a resistant to the drugs that are supposed to get rid of them. This will eventually lead to a "Superbug" that we cannot control with our current methods of treatment. This issue was so serious, that in 2015 the White House released an official government plan to tackle the problem and hopes to curb these numbers by half in the year 2020.

Tri-State Healing Center cannot speak for any other doctor in the country, state, or even our beloved Angola IN. What we can speak about is ourselves, and in doing so give you some food-for-thought on what really goes on behind some doctors' closed doors. We promise that your well-being is our top priority. Always. We also promise that while we do have a light bill, we aren't going to tell you to come back eight days a week so we can "get you back to normal". We don't want you back to normal. We want you to be feel better than you ever had. We want you to be a part of our growing list of patients who believe in what we do-which is help YOU become the best YOU.


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