Spring Cleansing and Spring Cleaning at Tri-State Healing Center

Spring Cleansing and Spring Cleaning at Tri-State Healing Center in ANgola IN

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Spring Cleansing and Spring Cleaning at Tri-State Healing Center So, it's that time of year again. We can finally come outside of our hibernation and allow a little sunlight to touch our skin here in Angola IN. Ironically, it is the time we go back inside to clean out all the non-sense we have hoarded over the cold season. This spring we invite you to do a few more things aside from cleaning out your house. The first thing we would love to share with you is that our new website, www.tristatehealing.com has officially been launched. You can head over there right now and see our new look, contact info, and a bunch of awesome articles to help keep you in that healthy mindset. Keep checking back often, as Tri States own-Dr. Rob-is working hard on writing some new content that is like nothing else you will be able to find from those "healthy article" websites. Amateur writers online might have basic prose figured out, but they lack the vast knowledge that Dr. Rob has obtained through his years of experience. While the website is super exciting and informative, the real reason Tri-State exists is our office facilities itself. To help put your health first and foremost, Dr. Rob has decided to push a "Spring Cleansing" to help you get on track to clean out your body along with your house. Don't wait for summer to work on that "summer body," Visit us here at Tri-State now and let's get healthy together!

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(SPRING CLEANING) We look forward to seeing you in the office soon for your "Spring Cleansing." If you are one of the few who don't keep our number on speed dial, all of our contact information is listed below.

Tri State Nutritional Healing Center
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(260) 319-4950 

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