5 Pro Tips For A Healthier Christmas

5 Pro Tips For A Healthier Christmas in Angola IN

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In honor of keeping with a Healthy and Merry Christmas this year in Angola IN, Tri-State Healing Center is offering 25% off a Complete Nutritional Exam and a few tips on how leading a healthy lifestyle through out the holidays can be used to keep you on track.

Christmas is a great time of the year for getting people together, giving, and getting presents. It is one of those holidays that you can expect to see a few of those loved ones who live far away. The mood of Christmas is similar to that of Thanksgiving-loved ones, thankfulness, and a good meal.

It does not matter if you are the host or the guest; there are plenty of tips you can use to keep your waistline from ballooning over the holiday season. Regardless of where you go or who you see, it is up to you to make the smart decisions to keep your Christmas a healthy one. Giving presents to your family is one of those "feel-good" activities, but make sure you don't forget to give yourself something. This year, give yourself a clean conscious from the smart choices you made at the dinner table.

Tips in Angola IN

Choose A Lean Cut Of Meat - Whether it's turkey or roast beef, try to cut off the fat on your protein before cooking it. If you were not this holiday's chef, then see if there is visible fat on the meat you put on your plate. Don't be afraid to take your knife and cut off that translucent, chewy fat to help give yourself a guilt-free dinner.

Drink Plenty Of Water - Water is probably the most important thing you put in your body. While it might not have the flavor burst of a good red wine or juice, it also lacks behind those drinks in its calorie and sugar content. Drinking plenty of water will help your stomach recognize when it is full faster than going to dinner without it. The famous Slovakian Proverb is one you should think deeply about: "water is the world's first and foremost medicine."

Portions, Portions, Portions - Portion control is one of the biggest factors in keeping yourself in line with your health and weight goals. While it may seem obvious, the less you take on your plate will keep you from gorging in your chair. Also, keep in mind your portion sizes in relation to what you are eating. It is better to take more of a salad than a fatty cut of meat.

Eat Your Veggies - This Christmas, don't let those veggies feel left out. Load up your plate with vegetables of all different variety. While your mind may tempt you, your body will thank you for putting more greens in your stomach than that sugary dessert.

Think About The Cooking Process - To say that all food is not created equal is to speak the truth. Not only does nutrition vary from ingredient to ingredient, the cooking process also changes what is going into your body. Choose from roasted or steam veggies before fat-smothered or fried vegetables. A baked turkey is a superior choice than the increasingly-popular fried turkey. Even if you did not prepare it, try to take a guess at how each item you choose was cooked.

Take these 5 tips and keep them active in your mind when you get up on Christmas morning. Christmas is a time for family, friends, and the joy of giving; not for filling your stomach to its maximum capacity and regretting your choices for the next few days. We know you are taking goals to become a healthier you, so don't let the vacation of the holiday season knock you off track from your diet or healthy lifestyle. The biggest tip of all, however, is to enjoy the moments you have with the ones you love this Christmas.

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