Why Trusting Your Doctor Is Important

Why Trusting Your Doctor Is
Important in Angola IN

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Why Trusting Your Doctor in Angola IN Is Important

The first time I met Dr. Robert Slusarski was an interesting experience. When I walked into the office in Angola IN, it gave me the same feeling you get when coming home for the first time in a while. I felt comfortable, safe, and an invitation to be myself. As Dr. Rob walked in-before he even spoke-I realized instantly that he was a man who would always be honest. He breathed passion and knowledge of his practice as he explained the most basic of concepts to me. It was not expertise or passion that I first noticed in Dr. Rob; it was trustworthiness. Dr. Rob is a man you can trust and feel confident in following his advice. According to a study done by Ipsos MORI, physicians rank #1 in a poll of the most trusted professions-coming in at a whopping 89% trust-rate. While this seems like a high percentage, it is also a fairly sad figure. Trusting your doctor with your health is (literally) trusting him with your life. With the increase in drug advertisements and plenty of negative publicity for scandals involving doctors, it is a surprise that this number isn't lower. Ironically, every single review online of Dr. Rob's practice says that they would recommend him to their family members; that is what trusting your doctor should be. A popular article titled, "Don't Trust Your Doctor" by Dr. Peter Rost gained attention after the brutally honest assessment the author had of his colleagues. He cited drug sales and pharmaceutical kick-backs as a major cause for the transition of "doctors to business-men." What advice does Dr. Peter Rost have for you? Find a doctor who cares about your health and not your money. I mention the above article because when I first met Dr. Robert Slusarski one thing was certain: Dr. Rob cared about your health. Using a natural and holistic approach to improving your health, you can be certain Dr. Rob isn't swayed by sales reps pushing this-drug or that-drug; Dr. Rob promotes all-natural supplements and a healthy lifestyle. Knowing there is no chance that your doctor is not pushing prescription drugs on you for a kick-back is a good feeling. With all this talk about trust you might be asking, "does doctor-patient trust REALLY matter?" Results from a study out of the Department of Medical Psychology and Hospital Psychiatry at the Slotervaart Hospital in the Netherlands show that lower levels of a patient's trust in their doctor were associated with more physical distress in different stages of the patient's treatment. This means that when you trust your doctor, you are more likely to follow his advice and follow his guidelines specifically-both of which are extremely important in a patient's recovery process. Furthermore, a patient is more likely to discuss important factors of their lives with a doctor they trust, which can lead the doctor to a more complete and accurate understanding of a patient's needs. When you go to the doctor, you shouldn't feel like you have to hold back. When I asked Dr. Rob why trust was important, his answer resonated deep inside of my mind. Dr. Rob repeated the core ideas of the aforementioned studies by saying: trust is important for a patient to have in their doctor because it allows them to be open and honest with him about their symptoms, past treatments, and other external factors. He also emphasized that a patient's trust in him was important so that the patient can genuinely know that his only goal is solely their well-being. Dr. Rob explained that helping his patients was the most important piece of his entire business. Dr. Rob is always up-front and honest about the progress and expected results from the recommended treatment he gives. Due to the holistic and all-natural approach Dr. Rob is known for taking, he explained that his practice is not like the normal drug-based treatment many physicians take; where the main goal is to mask symptoms behind pharmaceuticals. Dr. Rob will always find other medical experts to recommend the patient to the moment he feels that his patient is not responding to the treatment process he has prescribed. This, compounded with the many other trust-based reasons mentioned previously, is why Dr. Rob sets an industry standard for what a patient should expect from their doctor, a medical professional who cares more about their health than their wallet.


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