Share-the-Care Referral Program at Tri State Nutritional Healing Center

Share-the-Care Referral Program at Tri State Nutritional Healing Center Angola IN

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Share-the-Care Referral Program at our clinic in Angola IN.

What is better than getting your body and mind in a healthier place? Bringing your family and friends with you on this awesome journey is one of the few things that can be answered without question. We want to remind everyone of our amazing "Share-the-Care" program that Dr. Rob and his team have implemented at Tri State Nutritional Healing Center.

Here is how it works: There are two groups of people in this program-the Referred and the Referrer. Both groups get a discount on their next visit for being involved in the program, so let's break down the discounts you will receive from getting healthy with someone you care about.

The Referred: You have an awesome friend who has told you all about the amazing things that can be done when Dr. Rob and a patient work together to promote health and well-being. She/He has told you to make an appointment. Maybe you have been procrastinating or maybe you were under the assumption natural healing couldn't be affordable. Now is the time! When referred by a current patient, your next visit will be 33% off (not including supplements).

The Referrer: So, you're the awesome friend we read about above. You know the power of all-natural healing and you want to pull your loved ones up to the peak of health that you are climbing towards. For you being such a great person and pushing your friends to take the next step by making an appointment to see Dr. Rob, you will receive 50% off on your next visit (not including supplements).

That is all there is to it. Either be referred by a friend or be the one referring and get a discount to give you that little extra boost into becoming the NEW YOU. You want to just forward this email to your friends to get going in this program? Here's our information below for the newly-initiated.

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